Low Sloped Roofing

These "flat" or low-sloped roofs provide us with numerous challenges.

Even on multi-million dollar condominium buildings we find inadequate or under designed roofing systems. This was evident after Hurricanes Charley and Wilma.

In addition to poor design we find far too many of these roofs suffer from improper initial installation compounded by non-existent roof maintenance.

Inspection of Low Sloped Roofs- our diagnostic roof inspection will provide our clients with factual information as to the condition of their roof. Photographs of all conditions and defects will be included in the written report of findings.

The inspection will not only include the roof membrane, roof penetrations and flashings but other items such as caulks and sealants, metal work, and rooftop air conditioning

We will provide an estimate of remaining life expectancy as well as eventual replacement costs.

If repairs are needed we will provide a scope of work detailing what repairs are needed, how they are to be fabricated and what repair materials are to be used.

Replacement of Low Sloped Roofs-

We can provide a complete package of services to handle the reroofing process. These include:

Complete specifications and details covering every aspect of the reroofing process
Providing complete bid and contract documents
Recommending a group of qualified roofing/waterproofing applicators
Bid review and contractor selection
Complete monitoring of the reroofing work
Approving of all payments
Job close out

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