Metal Roofing

Improvements in the longevity of metal, improvements in color selection and resistance to fading, and the introduction of metal strip panels in a variety of styles and profiles have all led to the rapid rise in metal roofing.

Metal roofing is now widely used in lieu of shingles, wood, tile, etc, for siding and mansard applications.

After the hurricanes there has been a dramatic increase in metal roofing as the systems can be engineered to withstand high wind forces.

As with other types of roofing resistance to damage from high winds is key. Proper wind design can allow metal panels to be installed on high-rise buildings and still meet strict building code requirements.

We also handle repair and restoration for metal roofs on commercial buildings. Proper restoration and coatings can add years of life to these roofs at a fraction of the cost to reroof the buildings.

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