The most serious roofing problems that we encounter in Florida are with tile roofs. As the tile is not the waterproofing, the quality of the installation of the underlayment and flashings determines the longevity and watertight integrity of the roof.

Having inspected in excess of 20,000,000 square feet of tile roofing in Florida gives us the understanding as to the causes and solutions to these problems.

Unsupervised and untrained tile installers who are paid not by the hour but by the piece have installed thousands of tile roofs in Southwest Florida. Developers have not spent the proper amount of money for their roofs and they have gotten what they have paid for, inferior roofs.

Many of the problems do not show up right away but surface years later in the form of leaks, rotting decking and fascia, and slipping tile.

Proper inspection requires the removal of tile to checking the integrity of the underlayment and all of the flashings.

Reroofing of tile roofs:

Our tile reroofing specifications include upgrading underlayments and "belt and suspenders" flashing details to insure that the new tile system will last and be trouble free.

Our installation methods of application are more stringent than the industry norms. We always require an inspection prior to the application of the tile to insure the underlayment and flashings are done properly.

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